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What are we looking for? 

  1. Quality of​ musicianship and/or vocal performance

  2. Quality of showmanship

What are the required audition pieces?

  1. Please submit a holiday selection of your choosing.

When are the audition submissions due?

  1. Audition tapes are due by 03/31 to be consider for NOEL's performance of the current year.             Selections will be made by 05/01.

How do I create the audition tapes?

  1. Please upload your video submissions to YouTube (select either the "unlisted" or "public" setting). Email the video links to

  2. The camera should record from a fixed position with face toward the camera lens.

  3. No editing of the audio or video is permitted.

  4. Verbally introduce each piece in the video before you perform (example: "My name is ____ and I am performing ____").



Auditions due by 03/31

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