What are we looking for? 

  1. Quality of​ musicianship and/or vocal performance

  2. Quality of showmanship

What are the required audition pieces? (audition material is included below)

  1. Required audition pieces are included in the Google Drive folder link below.  Please find your section (chorus, musician, cast, etc.) and select the link "audition materials". 

  2. Optional Solo: if you are interested in solo opportunities for future production, please submit a holiday selection of your choosing.

When are the audition submissions due?

  1. Audition tapes are due by 03/31/2023 to be consider for NOEL's 2022 performance.  Selections will be made by 05/01/2022.

How do I create the audition tapes?

  1. Please upload your video submissions to YouTube (select either the "unlisted" or "public" setting). Email the video links to audition@noelexperience.com.

  2. Record a separate unedited video for each of the required pieces.

  3. The camera should record from a fixed position with face toward the camera lens.

  4. No editing of the audio or video is permitted.

  5. No accompany track should be heard on the submission tapes, however, the submissions should be performed to the track.  Please wear headphones while performing in order to capture the dry audio.   (please note: only piano, bass, drums and guitar auditions should include a accompany track) 

  6. Verbally introduce each piece in the video before you perform (example: "My name is ____ and I am performing ____").



Auditions due by 07/22/2021


Auditions due by 07/22/2021


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Audition period has ended for 2021
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